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Terry Tibbs

Who is your favourite is it Terry Tibbs or George??

Terry Tibbs is by far the funniest man on TV that price drop TV sketch should win an award


  • Agree Terry Tibbs is hillarious.
  • Thought he was funnier on fonejacker.

    George just sitting on a till in Morrisons and serving was hilarious.
  • ''You don’t just jump into bed with Terry Tibbs, you take Terry Tibbs out to lunch, you wine and dine him, you give him an oil massage then he gives you 1950 if you’re lucky!"

    TT is brilliant.
  • Burrrrrrr Burrrrrrrr

    Whiskey tasting had me in tears!!
  • The come dine with me one was quality.
  • JTJT
    edited May 2010

    ''I'd like the area of the room measured pleeeeeeeease. ''
  • absolutely the funniest thing on TV at the moment, Terry Tibbs on both Price-Drop TV 'reminds me of my second wife' and Come Dine With Me were classics.

    George on the till in Morrisons and the sketch filmed in Blackheath Art Gallery were also class.
  • I thought i was alone in this only 1 other person in the office has seen it,

    Terry Tibbs is my hero

    George in morrisons was well funny

    I keep finding myself saying Burr Burr for no reason
  • [cite]Posted By: JT[/cite]Thought he was funnier on fonejacker.

    George just sitting on a till in Morrisons and serving was hilarious.

    Yeah and the whisky tasting, definately better then fonejacker
  • Brian Bedonde is a personal fav. Gotta love Terry though "italien fireplace talk to me!".

    I would recommend getting the phonejacker app for iPod, great for prank calls.
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  • George and Terry are hilarious but Brian Bedonde is excellent. The first two he did in the art shop in Blackheath and the art class were cringeworthyingly funny. Have to agree the fonejacker for me is slightly funny but facejacker is very good. Also loved Moira's drive
  • That whisky tasting one was so awkward I had to turn over for a bit!
  • Moira's drive-thru was amazing!
  • [cite]Posted By: RedArmySE7[/cite]Moira's drive-thru was amazing!

    Why do you want so many bacon rolls? :)
  • Scam the UK, the Augustus way!
  • Moira's drivethrough rocked, high point of the series so far. WHY ARE YOU WANTING SO MANY BACONS
  • Just watched last weeks on Sky+.....Terry Tibbs on Secret Millionaire...hilarious stuff.
  • Like most sketches, this is a bit hit and miss in my humble, however Terry Tibbs is brilliant.
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