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My latest away Day.

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It was at saints a few weeks ago now (obviously as that was our last away game lol) and i was sat (standing) at the very back and i tried several times to put my flag up and fell off the seat (which was funny and gave everyone around me a good laugh) several times but the steward kept telling me not to do it i ignored him at first and he diddnt seem to care that much. When i went over to him and asked what the issue with the flag was he said it can technically be classed as vandlism as it was not a designated flag area?? I diddnt question it at the time because i am not an argumentative type of bloke and i had had too much to Drink to be bothered with arguing i hate arguing anyway. However after a few days i thought about how ridiculous this sounded and how this sureley cannot be right and they cant class it as vandalism i was only trying to have a laugh but the steward was not rude about it either to be fair so its not a moan at the steward just what he said diddnt sound right. He also said he was a Liverpool fan which made me laugh said he only works at this shit pit so he can afford his season ticket up Liverpool next season :-).

Also it was rubbish as there was no were to tie the flag up anyway and i had to stand holding it aloft all game was useful on the coach though and funny. Was a good day bar the result.


  • Put our Union flag down behind the goal at Southampton, but we were stood up the back, stewards were helpful.

    MK Dons wouldn't allow us to hang our flag because we didn't have a fire certificate!
  • Yea im not saying the steward wasnt helpful he was fine as i said its not a dig at him atall he was not the issue it was the way he had been told to say it was classed as vandalism as it had to be put up in a designated flag area just confused me a bit which is not too tricky to do.
  • What even is this?
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