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Icelandic volcano

What's the difference between the Icelandic volcano & cheryl cole?

The Icelandic volcano is still blowing ash


  • Well i personally will be voting for the Icelandic Volcano party in the the coming election.

    Done more for Immigration in 5 days than Labour has in 10 years.
  • I walked down Oxford Street yesterday. Not saying it was empty, but it was fairly pleasant not be crushed.

    Couple that with no apparent effect on the stock market and you begin to wonder why we don't have a one-week travel ban every year.
  • I want to be the first to welcome our new volcanic overlords.

    I've taken to calling it Lolcano. Because I can.
  • I blame the Bank of England. They requested the Iceland Banks pay us back in cash.

    Must have lost something in translation.
  • that's a hell of a lot of burning frozen meals.
  • was walking along the road and a load of frozen ready meals, pizza and other food fell out of the sky, I understand it was fallout from Iceland.
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    Its caused havoc at work as we mainly sell airport parking hotels and travel Insurence lol it has been fun.
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    The Iceland volcano which was in the news 2020-21 restarted yesterday in an adjacent valley.
    20 min video (in English) by local newscaster. 
  • a blast from the past .. thing is, will this cause even more disruption to flight schedules ?
  • a blast from the past .. thing is, will this cause even more disruption to flight schedules ?
    Iceland's main airport is only 10 miles away and remains open. 
    In 2021 there were frequent tourist helicopter and light aircraft flights up close to the volcano while it was erupting.  

    This is not the type of eruption which produces a lot of ash, unlike the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull which closed much of Europe's airspace.  Main hazard is local air pollution, from erupted gases such as sulphur dioxide.

    The other plus is that its location is far from houses, roads and other infrastructure.  
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