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Spartacus - Blood and Sand

This show's become my guilty pleasure over the last few weeks. If you haven't seen it it's 300 crossed with Gladiator and a generous smattering of soft porn. If you get the chance to watch it don't be put off by a couple of very iffy opening episodes, it really does improve. Most of the violence is very cartoony but there are the odd scenes which are as horrifiic as i've ever scene outside a horror film. Anyone else hooked?


  • What's it about...?
  • What channel is it on?!
  • You had me at soft porn.
  • I am Spartacus...
  • Filthy, saw some trailers on youtube before they deleted them, absolute filth.
  • The first season is about Spartacus the gladiator, the next is going to be about his rebellion against Rome. Not sure what channel it's on in this country, got my episodes through a Chinese connection :-)
  • Bravo are meant to be showing it in the UK this summer.

    How does it compare to the TV series Rome, which I thought was top notch?
  • Any gay porn? I read those Greeks liked to attack from the rear....
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    Henry, i loved Rome and Spartacus even though it's deliberately trying to be very different to Rome is nowhere near as good. With Spartacus you park the brain in neutral and enjoy but is very good if you accept it as such. like i said though the first couple of episodes are really bad so lots of people will give up too early imo

    RZ - loads of bumming you'll love it.
  • I wasn't asking for me, honest...
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  • [cite]Posted By: SantaClaus[/cite]Henry, i loved Rome and Spartacus even though it's deliberately trying to be very different to Rome is nowhere near as good.

    fair enough.

    Will look out for it on Bravo but with out too many expectations.
  • Reviewed by Charlie Brooker on "You Have Been Watching" tonight - I have to say from the clips shown I wouldn't be rushing home to watch it even if I had Bravo
  • On Bravo tonight at 10 pm
  • I saw a 20 second advert on bravo around Sunday lunch time, and there were quite a few nipple shots even at that time. Looks like soft porn.
  • the acting is very poor. The background effects are shocking. Like they have filmed the whole thing in one room. But the blood and guts and boobs are good.
  • Going on to Channel 5 or BBC at the end of this series - announcement coming soon for all of those of you who don't have Bravo!
  • There's an article on it in the centre of todays Sun. The bird in the main picture with John Hannah has got fantastic tits!
  • Credit where it's due...all the women have got cracking tits.

    Any ideas how I apply for the casting job on the next series?
  • and I used to watch 'Xena - Warrior Princess' for the storylines, honest!
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