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Any international boys .....

Getting up stupidly early for this one, maybe getting drunk(maybe) then going to work(Home office)?

Ive just set the alarm for 4.45 am.. kick off ...

Breakfast beer?


  • looks like just me then.....

    no booze though, that was a stupid idea.....
  • was to early for me in the west but great result
  • I was at work and almost forgot the game was on and followed it on internet. I like that we are keeping clean sheets at a crucial time of the season and hopeffully one of our strikers will hit form. I also liked the idea of drinking before work !!!
  • edited April 2010
    I made the second half. Up at 5am, couldn't sleep for some reason, only managed to get a couple of hours. I'll be knackered all day, but it was worth it, such a vital win. Enjoyed the commentary, so much better without Emu and Rod Hull.
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