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Kammy at his best


  • Ha ha - Quality.
  • Met him in his hotel bar in Seville before the England friendly out there last Feb.

    Completely genuine and first class bloke, hilarious, down to earth and not afraid to do a bit of effing and blinding and tell you what he really thinks of the "pros".

    Another kammy cracker... on a par with Jon Harley scoring from outside the ground, the infamous dressing room tours and the "looking over my shoulder" goal at Craven Cottage.
  • That is so funny. I showed my misses who doesn't give a stuff about football. She laughed her head off too!
  • That's brilliant
  • yeah i saw that was quality. Kammy is such a top bloke
  • Yeah - top bloke. Just ask Jim Melrose
  • do you think he did it for a bet?

  • edited April 2010
    [cite]Posted By: Falcomwood_1[/cite]My favourite bit as the mic fades out "It's still 0-0 Jeff"!!

    Very funny.
  • Sums him up that clip does.
  • [cite]Posted By: Alex Wright[/cite]do you think he did it for a bet?


    No he thought the player was being subbed didnt realise it was a sending off.
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