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Happy Birthday NLA

Happy birthday Bro 35 years young lol


  • Happy birthday mate
  • Many happy returns big d, from 3 gingers.
  • A birthday win mate, have a goodun
  • god do i feel old what a 35 yrs of supporting this fooking lot

    i 4 got how hard feeds every 3 hours are as well

    ols aint life great full of pink
  • happy birthday
  • happy birthday son you young pup
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]ols aint life great full of pink

    Yes mate lovin the pink, although we don;t tend to put her in that much pink, alot of green it suits her wee ginger locks. Hope all is well with your new babe mate.
  • Happy birthday D, all the best!
  • Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday mate for yesterday mate, I will give you a bell in the week
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  • Celebrating mine today. Just left a piss poor restaurant in Lanzarote with the wife and kids in tow.
    Due to the poor service, decided against paying the bill.
    Weather has been pretty shit also.
    After our flight arrived, they closed the airport due to the wind.
    There was a fair bit of that coming out of my arse as we tried to land.
    Told that we may have a fly past and continue to Gran Canaria.
    Still, apparently nice tomorrow.
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