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Coventry Player on loan until the EOS - Rumoured

edited February 2010 in Rumours
Have been reliably informed that we are getting a player from Coventry until the end of the season, i dont know any more then that. Does anyone have any ideas who this is?


  • Martin Cranie

  • Actually haven't we been loosely linked with Elliot Ward centre back, brother of Darren?
  • Elliot Ward, is he still with them? if not not a scooby
  • [cite]Posted By: We are J Block[/cite]Have been reliably informed

    By whom?
  • I thought Southampton were after him?
  • Clinton O Morrison?
    Freddy Eastwood?

    Would be good if it was their goalie!
  • Wasn't Kins seen scouting at a Coventry match recently - could be something in this
  • [cite]Posted By: eastbourne addick[/cite]len best?

    Sounds like an inside left from the 50s!

    Leon Best is going to Newcastle
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  • Elliot Ward, very good defender but must be on a decent wage and coming to the end of his contract. Would have thought Coventry would want some money for him, or someone to pay all his wages.... I'd be happy if he signed, just not sure we could afford.
  • I'd swap Moo2 for Ward.

    Not sure anyone at Coventry would though ; - )
  • Looking at 'we a J blocks' previous threads he also stated we were going to sign Scowcroft and Peter Clarke so i'm struggling to give it any credence
  • This would be great if it is Ellott Ward.

    It looks like Omouzi's loan has ended may free up another wage , super piece of business IMHO if its true
  • Elliot is very very decent back would make leeds and norwich raise an eye brow if we could attract a player of his calibre, londoner again if I'm correct good personailty too when he's been on soccer am in the past.
  • Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Yes he is a good player but.....J block: where/who is the source?
  • After looking round i've found out that Coleman wants rid of Ward who is out of contract in the summer anyway which means a move is possible but..............he is one of Coventry's top earners. So unless Moo2 is going i can't see it.
  • I thought th
    [cite]Posted By: Simon E[/cite]Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Yes he is a good player but.....J block: where/who is the source?


    We all know until the OS puts it up etc etc etc
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