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Walsall Away

Is anyone on here planning to do an overnighter for Walsall?

Me and a work colleague are doing work stuff in the day and then staying overnight but not sure where to stay.

Lodge de Travel a mile away from the stadium looks favourite but Walsall sounds er, not lively



  • theres a Premier Inn next to the ground
  • Stay in Brum mate, station outside the away end, straight into the city centre in 20 minutes and a decent night out... big student city so Tuesday is as good as any to find plenty of different places (depending on your liking) open late
  • I'm going for a curry and beers in Brum after the game, so a hotel in Brum - and that's from the business associates I'm taking to the game who are from Northampton.

    They're Southampton and Watford fans .....
  • anyone any idea on trains back to london afterwards. Im sure there must be some extra trains from bescott to birmingham but rail web site only has one an hour? need to decide soon whether to get a refund or not
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