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Tony Blair

he's under a load of pressure from his own party.his attitude seems a tad arrogant,surely he can't ride this out and will have to resign?


  • Maybe he is- but it's never stopped other PM's doing a "Curbishley"
  • He may do and he may not but there does seem to me to be a lemming-like rush for the clifftop! Personally I do not particularly like the look of any of the current alternatives - Labour - Tory - Liberal or otherwise.

    Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't and there may well be a few regrets from his detractors when he has gone. I recall the bleating for the return of Maggie by some of the Tory ranks not too long after she had been deposed - much as I personally disliked her - and the crowing at her demise by her enemies within the Tory party quickly turned into outright panic as their party literally began to fall apart under her replacements.
  • He's had long enough in the job and like Maggie he's staying on past his sell-by date, with the result that MPs in his party are now more-or-less openly scheming to replace him. The wisest politicians quit while they are ahead. Reagan in America served two terms and is generally considered a good President, but he had the luck to have his second term end before the shit hit the fan.

    I wonder what is delaying Blair, addiction to power, that he doesn't want Brown to follow him or that his choice of successor isn't yet strong enough to win an election? Is he hoping by some miracle that the situation in Iraq will magically improve or is there some other career high that he has in mind. All I can see is everything sliding away from him with the result that the last year or so of failure will overshadow his accomplishments.
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