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cricket in sud afrika (here you all go, one place to keep up with happenings in bokland)

Jimmy Anderson back and we look a different team, quality stuff with a fifer!


  • Special mention for Tim Bresnan who I thought bowled well yesterday morning.
    Good to see the bowlers learnt their lesson, bowling full and straight to Graeme Smith early doors too. He'll always be the key wicket for England in the forthcoming test series. When he gets in, he gets in.

    Having said that though, although Jimmy Anderson bowled very well yesterday, the pitch had a greenish tinge too it and he used it to his advantage. The test pitches in SA will be nothing like that.

    ** MOG, think the tour of SA deserves it own thread, rather than be incorporated into the (Super) Kent thread...especially as its really the unofficial test match world championship now **
  • Fair enough.....just trying to be "Green" and re-cycling.
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