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Dubai busted

edited November 2009 in General Charlton
Looks like the desert dream state has run into dire trouble. Footsie has been slaughtered.
Now where does that leave us with our potential sheik owners?


  • Curse of Charlton strikes again :-)
  • what owners?
  • That deal was a 'busted flush' long ago.
  • so much for all those saying the board was lying about the reasons zabeel pulled out.

    Now looks we might have had a lucky escape.

    Only at charlton hey
  • edited November 2009
    It's a ticking time bomb, they've been building their dreamworlds with someone else's money... and when times are hard, people want to see a return on their capital more than ever... especially when you are talking about billions of US$
  • and USD arent worth the paper they are written on , its near parity here in AUS...... 0.91 AUD = 1 USD ......

    Watch out here comes the Amero......

    and Microchips ssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh ;)
  • Ha ha Mascot im with you on the Amero statement!!
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