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Q and A tonight - got a spare ticket

Due to the fact that Peckham fire bridgade actually had a fire to put out last night, Bald1 is knackered and will not be attending tonight.

Whisper me if anyone wants the ticket



  • Do I have to sit next to you if I go?
  • Yes in the car on the way there,

    No when we get there
  • LBT,i did more work this morning than youve this month
  • [cite]Posted By: bald1[/cite]LBT,i did more work this morning than youve this month

    So that would be about half an hour then!!!
  • I'll consider the amount of work UI do whilst counting my huge salary

    AND, at least I pay for the red wine I drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LBT... legs bums and tums!
  • That's the first time I have ever been linked with any sort of exercise activity.

    Mrs LBT does something similar

    have you and Tavern both got tickets for tonight?
  • LBT... Likes being tickled
  • i think so ive emailed the FansForum and whispered Mr Rudd so i do believe our names are down on the list.

    Am leaving work in a min so wont hear back now... so you might see us outside begging for a pass.
  • i have just seen the pics in standard! Reckon he has a legitimate excuse for not attending.
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  • Don't say that, its the first fire his watch has seen in 5 years, there top of the volleyball and footy leagues and he's the best painter and decorator you'll ever meet!!

    Only joking there all all brave guys who get paid a pittance, especially Tommo!!!!!
  • LBT=large boring twat!!!!!!!!!
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