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Stirling Albion appeal

Just received this and thought it would be appropriate to pass it on, without comment or prejudice:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is an appeal by the Stirling Albion Supporters Trust to genuine football fans. All football fans are proud of their individual teams, but there are times when hard times come along and fans are forced to stand up and be counted.

Stirling Albion Football Club are struggling with debts at the moment which could threaten to put the club out of
business. The Supporters Trust has decided to try to raise money to buy the club from the present Chairman who is in his 80's. Details can be found on the website.

We are appealing to any fans who would like to pay their £40 ( £35 returnable if we fail ) to become members and part owners of the club. Please make Stirling Albion your second club and help us buy the club for the fans.

We have e-mailed yourself to appeal to you to put this on your website/forum.

Thank you in advance.

The Buystirlingalbion Campaign Team.


  • Would like to help, but how many other teams are going to be asking in the next 12/24 months ?
    (& I happen to support East Stirlingshire...........)
  • Anyone seen the state of Ebbsfleet lately!!

    Nobody is renewing the £35 and they are near the foot of the table - I think the fat lady may be warming up
  • [cite]Posted By: Miserableold-ish git[/cite]Would like to help, but how many other teams are going to be asking in the next 12/24 months ?

    Also East Stirlingshire fans have had it worse than there illustrious rivals and haven't complained!
  • A team thats in real trouble at the moment are Chester City. I went to watch Tamworth vs Chester a few weeks back (my gf is a Tamworth fan) and I was chatting to some Chester fans in the clubhouse at half time and they were convinced that they have 1 month left until they go out of business. I felt really sorry for them as even tho they were certain that their club was going out of business they were still was supporting their club to the end!

    Unfortunately alot of small clubs are finding it difficult to survive and its gonna get worse as the big clubs get richer and small clubs get poorer!
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