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Robin Van Placenta

''A Premier League star is going to unusual lengths to help him recover faster from injury - having placenta fluid massaged into his leg.
Arsenal's Robin van Persie is flying to Serbia for the radical medical treatment by a female doctor called Marijana Kovacevic, who is said to have amazing healing powers.

The Holland forward has been ruled out for at least six weeks after being injured during Saturday's friendly against Italy.

He suffered partially-torn ankle ligaments in a heavy challenge from defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Arsenal confirmed Van Persie will return to London later this week to continue his rehabilitation and are happy with the care of the Dutch Football Association.

But the 26-year-old is ready to go a step further to help the healing process by flying to Serbia - with the approval of his north London club.

It is thought a horse's placenta will be used in the treatment, with Van Persie aiming to recover within a month.''

How did someone ever realise this works??!!
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