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Sentences From Threads...



  • Problems entering Robbie Elliott, got to be switched on to the very end.
  • what's going through Mr Slaters mind now?
    where is your Charlton 'breaking point'?
  • funniest thing i have seen at a charlton game.
    a woman with 2 vaginas.
  • Hello Lifers, a suffering addick needs help, a women with 2 vaginas
  • 5 things you just don't get; A woman with 2 vaginas, players that are Charlton fans, Doherty on the bench on Saturday, Millwall fan at work, Serge Deble.
  • The next level, tiger woods woman with 2 vaginas
  • Recommed that person thread, a woman with two vaginas
  • Today I will mostly be listening to a woman with two vaginas swearing on Charlton Life.
  • A woman with 2 vaginas. Where to sit against Sheffield Utd
  • Did anyone else see a woman with two vaginas taking threads away from their original subject.
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  • Team v Fulham, Martin O'Neill, Balotelli, Jordan Rhodes, Alan Hansen, Diane Abbott, Darel & Hogan,Diego Poyet, Stuart Hall OBE, Scott Wagstaff, Izale McLeod.
  • Funniest thing I have seen at a Charlton game.
    A woman with 2 vaginas.
    Urgent help needed re a parking ticket
  • Robbie Savage... Would Ya?
    Ironically someone actually did this just the other day! That was posted in November 2009!!! @Si You have the gift of foresight!!!
  • A woman with two vaginas - New signing announced for Wendies
  • Your thoughts on Red Division. Would ya?
  • Anyone else got Fleetwood Mac tickets..? Rumours Rumours.

    (thanks for the bump AFKA)
  • Pointless! I've just spent ages losing weight, let us not forget horse meat in burgers, what a mess!
  • Oops, should've posted in this one.

    Cedric Evina Losing Weight
  • Charlton feature on Soccer AM last Saturday, Most boring stadium.
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  • Cedric Evina Headlines Bestival.
  • edited February 2013
    Just when it couldn't get any more depressing. . . Middlesbrough.
  • edited February 2013
    The referee for Birmingham on Saturday is.....Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Callum Harriot-Michelle Keegan-dogging tales-the boy done good

  • Air Raid Warning Centre: Attack Warning! Red! Attack Warning! Red!

    Food Officer: Attack warning! Is it for real?

    Accommodation Officer: Attack warning's for bloody real!

    Clive Sutton: Right, get to your stations!

    Bob: Jesus Christ! They've done it... They've done it! (as a mushroom cloud rises in the distance]

    ....Oh hang on, they are 'Quotes from 'Threads', the nuclear war drama shown on the BBC in the 80's- must be all this North Korea stuff playing on my mind!

  • North Korea #wishyouwerehere
  • Michelle Keegan #wishyouwerehere
  • And from today:-

    The new bird on countdown can it get any worse? or

    26 and a half things you never knew about Barnsley, the reason I'm not going to Charlton next season.
  • It could be worse: Neil Redfearn
  • It Could Be Worse: Charlton Video History
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