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The best footballer in China

edited December 2006 in Rumours
Looks like we've signed him



  • that's good news.

    heard the deal was all wrapped up and agreed two months ago, then there is always the doubt that Pardew might change his mind on it.

    Got a sneaky feeling this one may prove to be a hit, and if he is it could be important commercially.
  • He's not big headed at all then? "I won't deny I'm the best footballer in China, but it's only in China," I bet him and JFH have a barney...
  • edited December 2006
    "Zheng was banned after attacking an official during an AFC Champions League match last November and it was his tackle that broke French striker Djibril Cisse's leg in a friendly before this year's World Cup"

    Up for a fight then!
  • Hillsy's up,
    Just noticed your little picture of my goodself in scooby mode, Lol
  • ha ha...I was bored yesterday mate, so changed all of my pictures. Jono's face is the best one.
  • am i right thinking centre mid ?
  • Afka,
    You would be right thinking center mid of bugger all!!!!
    How was christmas matey?
  • I think so, hopefully bit of a playmaker
  • Hillsy,
    At least its not the bride one.
    That must be jon's better side!
  • Glass, I could always put that one on there! depends if you let me win the pepper mill compo tonight!
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  • [cite]Posted By: Glass half empty[/cite]Afka,
    How was christmas matey?

    rotten. was ill before hand and had been on antibiotics. recovered now and chomping at the bit, but can i find any drinking partners ??? can i eck...
  • You stand as much chance of winning the coverted pepper mill challenge as i do of becoming a CULTURED center half!!
  • Walton and Zheng in our midfield - prepare for violence !!! Lucky for that linesman on Wed that Zheng wasnt with us then.
  • Glass, are we drinking beer on Sat B4 and after the Villa game, or are you under orders?
  • Afka,
    When you looking for a drinking partners?
    I'm sure me and Hillsy are around tommorow(well i am)
  • Can we expect our fanbase to grow by a few million overnight?
  • Yes lookout we can...... we can actually expect ti to grow by around 68 Billion....... Also we of course have to all start smoking opium in the upper north.....
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