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New arrival

An unsuspecting new Addick arrived in the world just after 5.30pm Bermuda time yesterday evening. Arabella Connie weighed in at 6lb, 11.5oz and is absolutely gorgeous. Both daughter and Mum are doing very well.

My son (now 9) was born via a planned c-section, and without taking away how much of a serious operation that alone is, watching childbirth and the unforgiving pain before and the absolute joy after is a truly unforgettable experience. And lads, how flipping helpless do you feel?


  • Congratutlations to you! (Any coincidence she shares the same initials as a certain former Charlton manager?)
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    Congratulations :-)
  • Arabella is a strange name for a son?
  • [cite]Posted By: rm1 exile[/cite]Arabella is a strange name for a son?

    Good point RM1. Edited. Chizz, no coincidence at all ;-)
  • Congrats to all three of you.
  • agree planned csection not much fun - but unplanned even worse apparently, have never witnessed natural so far. Don't recall feeling helpless but perhaps thats why. Anyway very well done to you both.
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    Congrats to you all! Fi and I can't wait to meet her. Evan is anxious too (he couldn't sleep last night in the excitement ;-)
  • Terrific! Many congratulations mate.
  • Congratulations.
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  • As per my tweet just now, congratulations! get to Bermuda to meet the baby... ;-)
  • Well done and congratulations to you both!!
  • Many congratulations to you all . Fantastic name as well . All our 3 were unplanned c-sections , no fun at all but absolutely worth it , enjoy !
  • Good news, Chicago!
  • Congrats Chicargo!!

    Blimey, at this rate they're gonna need to build that 2nd tier on the East stand!
  • Well done Mr & Mrs Chicago. Love the name too . Will she be known as Bella ?
  • Wow, what a lovely name! Welcome Arabella & congrats to Mr & Mrs Chicago & Chicago Jnr too!
  • well done mate :) great news :)
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  • Congrats. You face the tough job of convincing a girl to not only get into football but to then support Charlton. I have the same task.

    Have witnessed an unplanned c-section and it saved the lives of my wife and daughter (now six months old). Not a lot of fun but grateful it was an option.
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