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Favourite cricket ground in England - that you've played at!



  • Swan Green in The New Forest, also Cadnam, Bramshaw and Lyndhurst were lovely grounds. 

    Westward Ho! And Braunton, also played at a place called North Molton, the square was on top of a hill with the outfield sloping down all around it! 
  • Chizz said:
    Tilford Green near Farnham Surrey…..quintessential English scene.
    Lovely pub with river running by under an old humpbacked brick built bridge.
    Picture appears on many a biscuit tin and calendar….take a moment to have a look on Google.
    Spent many a Sunday afternoon there having a superb bottle of BMW Australian Shiraz  …..Botham, Merrill and Willis……
    incase you were wondering.
    It must have left an impression on you, because you posted about it fourteen years ago too! 
    Christ……so I did!! 🤭
  • Sennock we used to play in the league, and we went over one year and we’re put in on a really dodgy strip, we were 46 for 6 and ended up with well in excess of 300 for 6, our 2 big hitting batsman just went bonkers with 6’s flying in all directions. During this demolition the most funniest thing occurred, whilst we walking round the boundary, how can I put it, let say we stumbled upon some amorous going on in the long grass, not wanting to spoil there obvious enjoyment we crept pass and left them un disturbed. After a while we looked back and the enjoyment appeared to have slowed slightly and the man had raised his head and was watching the cricket whilst still enjoying the moment. 

    Anyway unsurprisingly we won by a lot, but I always wondered if in the following spring a little Knole was born.
    Think I shared the story on here before on one of the 'ever been caught' type threads, but I guy I know managed to pull a barmaid he'd been after for a while, took her out past the cricket pitch to the quiet fields for some fun, and on the way they ended up tripping over the club captain doing the same thing - with the guy's mum.
    That’s brilliant , surely that’s a passion killer seeing the club captain giving your mum a good seeing to in the bush 
  • Maori Club, Worcester Park (sadly no longer)
    HAC, Finsbury Circus
    Sidmouth, East Devon
    Kilmington, East Devon
    Mitcham, Surrey
    Enfield, North London

    All, on their day, really good surfaces and had something about them, atmosphere-wise....both during and after the game. 

  • Shanklin in the Isle Of Wight and Kennington Oval are my 2 favourites.

  • Jevington ..East Sussex 
    Temple bar ..East Sussex 
    Findon...East Sussex 
    Mayfield East Sussex 

    Ryde ..Isle of Wight 
    Ventnor   Isle of Wight 

    Nevill is my favourite of the major Kent grounds

    Soft spots for luddesdown, sennocke and used to love Britannic House (BP) 

    Great thread this 

  • Simonsen said:
    Maori Club, Worcester Park (sadly no longer)
    HAC, Finsbury Circus
    Sidmouth, East Devon
    Kilmington, East Devon
    Mitcham, Surrey
    Enfield, North London

    All, on their day, really good surfaces and had something about them, atmosphere-wise....both during and after the game. 

    Wonderful ground.

    Ilkley is probably the best I have ever played at.  Got a golden duck off their Australian over seas.  
  • Stonewall Park - Chiddingstone Hoath.

    A majestic place to play cricket. Lucky to have played there for a couple of seasons. 
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  • Just starting another cricket season here in Oz and although the quality of the cricket is very, very high the quality of the grounds is certainly not.

    Don't misunderstand me, they have the best facilities you can buy, top-class nets, great wickets, flat outfields, boundary fences and all the rest.

    The problem is that the grounds here at both amateur level and professional (apart from The Adelaide Oval) are awful, soulless places that cannot match the beautiful grounds of England - especially the traditional village greens which they just don't have here.

    So, I know there are a whole load of ex-club cricketers on here, what has been you favorite ground to play on over the years? There sure are some beauties to choose from in the garden of England.

    I'll get the ball rolling and plump for dear old Eynsford, always loved playing down there.

    Anyone else?
    Above link relates to an English style ground in Victoria.
    I had the pleasure of knowing Don McQueen and attending the ground to watch a match in its early days. Shane Warne played there.

  • Luddesdowne is very pretty - rather steep slope to go back to the pavilion when you get out though !!

    Long gone now, but Longfield Hill was a nice place to play - very short boundary though

    Meopham is a good place to watch with a pint in the pub over the road - mate of mine hit a car travelling past when he hit a 6 years ago

    Hartley Country Club also a pleasant place to play and watch

    As you can see from above list I didn’t venture far when I played cricket as a boy !!
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    The traditional village green is always nice, so Meopham, Southborough and Bearsted are obvious local examples.

    I always liked playing at Cheam, nice pavilion, two decent squares, more than ample nets, and always a good game.
  • Ventnor, Shanklin, Marden, Tenderden, Paris, RAF Rheindahlen.
  • A few people have mentioned Tenderden. It wouldn't be in my top ten but, perhaps, that's because on a number of occasions I have had cause to score there and such is the angle of the scorebox, it is impossible to see one end of the ground when doing so!
  • Just thought of another 

    Navestock, Essex ( between Ongar and Brentwood) 
  • Preston Nomads is wonderful 
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    Lords.  I scored a double century against a very strong Aussie team. I remember Warnie trying a flipper, I spotted it early and positioned the bat perfectly before dispatching back up the wicket, it took a deflection off of Goochies arse and on to the boundary for 4 and my double century.  I would of got the triple but I got bored and fancied a i had that page 3 bird Lusardi all over me at the time waiting in the members bar!

    W G Soap
  • I I lived in Farnham Surrey a few years back, lovely place.
    It had thirteen pubs…..three were called The Cricketers, one The Ball & Wicket and one The Bat & Ball.
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    soapy……good god, I was there in the members stand, you were on top form in those days.
    Mind you I thought you were out for 11 early days, Lillie had you out plumb LBW…..everyone in the ground except the umpire had you out.
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    Singleton CC  Sussex  Close to Goodwood Races  Broadbeach Robina on the Gold Coast
  • It's not one in England or that been or played at but this is Fort William Cricket Club's ground in the Scottish Highlands with Ben Nevis in the background having at peak of the game. There is something slightly incongruous about this though and that is the artificial pitch on what is such a natural setting.  

     May be an image of 5 people and grass
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