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The Top Five of.....Everything but the Girl

From bed sit to trip hop

5. Only living boy in New York

4. My head is only house when it rains

3. The night I heard Caruso sing

2. Missing

1. I didn't know I was looking for love


  • They only ever made one decent record:

    Each and Everyone
  • you do like some old tosh henry!
  • 1. Ugly Little Dreams
    2. Another Bridge
    3. When All's Well
    4. Any Town
    5. The Night I Heard Caruso Sing
  • It was her moustache that put me off :-)
  • Come On Home
    Walking Wounded
    Night And Day
    Each And Every One

    ...Tracey's solo album "A Distant Shore" looms large in my personal faves...also loved the Marine Girls....(and Grab Grab The Haddock!)

    There was a period of a couple of years in the 80s when Ben & Tracey were in the audience at practically every gig I went to.
    Even when I wasn't a t a gig I'd sometimes see them tootling around town in their 2CV. Does anyone else have celebrity stalkers?
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