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Supporters' Director Kentish Times Articles

As some of you may have seen I've been writing a weekly column for the Kentish Times group (Bexley/Bromley/Dartford Times I believe).

I'd be interested to know if people have seen the articles and if so what they think. I only get 400 words but I'm trying to raise the profile of the Supporters' Director role and hope this helps.

Article attached


  • Personally I think it a very good article and given that I don't live in the catchment area for the paper would be more than happy to read future ones, so will be looking for the relevant link in future weeks.

    Wouldn't necessarily agree with the Kishishev comments: one rare good performance after having witnessed Holland and Hughes as predecessors in the role wouldn't have me trumpeting a fanfare on his behalf. After the signing of Pouso it may be a while til you see him again anyway.
  • Cheers Brisie, I'll keep posting them up plus I've promised Lookie and AFka an article as well.

    It looks like Pousi and Faye but I'd keep Kish on the bench at least as he can always do a job and if we went 451 or 433 would be useful.
  • Liked the rrticle Henry, living in Sittingbourne though would never normally get to see it. Hope my old man is treating you well at all these meetings.
  • Ketman Snr is a top bloke as always but still hasn't sorted out my staff pass! I'll send him my photo. Again.
  • Good article. I too rate Kish; his heart and soul is put out on show every time he steps on the pitch in a Charlton shirt and that should count for a great deal. Perhaps Pouso and Faye won't work out (I like all others hope that they do!), but at least we'll know that Kish is there to commit himself to every tackle and add a fair bit of skill going forward.

    It's great to see an active fans' director, particularly one that is communicating publicly!!!
  • Good article Henry! You seem to be spreading awareness of your role.

    I'm pleased we've got Pouso if Dowie rates him but do we really know if he is appreciably better than Kish, inherent anti Kish prejudices notwithstanding?
  • Do you know what edition of 'So Foot' your article is going to be in? No disrespect but I'm quite surprised that they wanted to interview you. Could you explain this in a little more depth?
  • "no disrespect" Jimmy! : ) It's a monthly so I'm guessing next months issue. I'll let you know when I do and see if I can find a translator. There were doing a feature on Charlton not on me as such. The theme was what makes CAFC different as a club and one of those things is having an elected director. And I guess that as my e-mail is on the OS I'm easy to contact. They also interviewed Curbs.

    I got them tickets to the Bolton game (which I paid for) and they got my son a St Ettiene kit. They really enjoyed the Bolton game and said they will be back. They have also said that they will do a "French Fans comes to the Valley" story for Charlton Life.
  • That would be great Jimmy. I'll let you know when I do.

    They offered me a choice of shirts (ASSE, Lyon or PSG) and I choose ASSE as I remember them from the 70s and the green kit is cool. Good articie on Lyon and ASSE in 442 this month. As you say it was the right choice.

    Would like to go to a game in France but when I go it is out of season. A trip to Lille on the Eurostar should be possible.

    OS is official site.
  • Hi D Funny enough your big brother told me who you are night before. good to hear you are doing so well and living out in France. I stayed at a place south of Lyon called Alex near Crest a few years ago. beautiful and when my boar comes in I'm buying a place out there.

    I remember our quiz nights and Pink Star Dartford well. Happy days.

    I'll try to dig out that 442 but I may have recycled it.
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  • Henry, just read this thread and it doesn't make much sense to me, seems as if a post is missing or you have had a private conversation somewhere that means this thread doesn't make sense. When I went to Lyon the other wekk to see D we flew back on the afternoon of the Lyon v Madrid game which was pretty bad planning by me. D has seen Lyon a couple of times with his mate who is John Salako's cousin and lives there as well. D hates Lyon though and is a St Etienne fan who he sees as a club similar to us. BTW 'when my boar comes in'. What does that mean ?
  • i think you might need to learn to whisper back henry or else you look like your talking to yourself...
  • edited September 2006
    [cite] LargeAddick:[/cite]BTW 'when my boar comes in'. What does that mean ?

    He wants to be shagged by a hairy wild pig.
  • Oh my god the voices in my head and my fantasy about wild pigs all revealed in one post.

    It was a whisper from Jimmy Melrose about St Etienne near where he lives and reminding me that I know him as he is Large's brother and we all three used to play in the Charlton quiz team.

    What I do with consenting adult pigs is my own business.
  • talking of quizes my mate is the fountain of all knowledge re Charlton and I'm trying to persuede him to partner me in the Bromley Pairs Quiz Challenge. As you know I know bugger all, except that their was once a photocopier in the Aston Villa team photo, but he is mustard. Not saying we'll win but we may give you some competition.
  • Bring it on but we beat Derek "Mastermind" Woolley and our other brother as well as Richard Redden last time.
  • Even I beat Derek last year.
  • Please keep putting your articles on this site as for exile Addicks, like me, it is more "input". I'm so glad we now have a Director who not only does something but also keeps us informed.

    As for Kish - I'd always have him in the team or on the bench until one of the other players prove to be better in commitment and skill.
  • latest one here now lankie
  • Anyway, back to 'So Foot', the equivalent to 442 in France. There's an interesting article on Di Canio in this month's (October) edition which I bought today. Nothing so far about us though. Maybe that will be in November's edition.

    Are you sure there's a place called 'Alex near Crest' just south of Lyon? It sounds more like your brother's searching for the toothpaste in the bathroom.

    Also, I can't remember you being associated with the mighty Pink Star Dartford in any way. Or did I just waffle on about them (us) all the time?

    Note to Large: I don't hate OL - I merely regard them in the manner one would regard a posy estate agent type. OK so you've got a flash car - and so what?
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  • It was just you waffling on about PSD : )

    I will e-mail the journo. Maybe they thought I was too boring.

    Alex is nearer to Montelimar but we went via Lyon. May be hundreds of miles for all I know.
  • Thanks for that. Do you know my e-mail address?

    Montélimar is about an hour and a half south of Lyon. Surprised to hear that he lives there. How long has that been and what's he doing?
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