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Wounded on last nights TV

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anyone see this ? powerful stuff. One young Para (22) both legs blown off and onearm. Young lad from Royal Irish (18) ,both legs blown off and blind. Amazing spirit.Truely humbling to see their struggle.


  • Yep, watched it and it was very humbling.

    The tiple amputee was absolutely amazing, his drive and determination to walk at the medal ceremony was unbelievable. And now he skis! His attitude was spot on as well - when he said "It's not too bad, i'd rather be like this than have one of mate's die" that was brilliant.

    Appreciate all of the sacrifices made.
  • have recorded it so don't spoil it for me too much.

    I wonder if people like Gordon Brown watch programmes like this and then reflect on how badly generally we treat our heroes when they return home. I don't say that Brown etc shouldn't send them into a pointless 'war' because a) is it pointless ? and b) these lads sign up and know what could be in store for them but at least when they come home we can treat them with dignity and respect and ensure that we do everything we can to help.
  • Missed the first half an hour - will watch it on iPlayer - but the rest of it was very moving.
  • Good luck to them all, the least we can do is look after them properly when they get home. Respect to them and all the family's involved.
  • very very emotional what brave young men and not a hint of self pity,i have so much respect and admiration for them.
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