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transfer rumours..

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i usually check these sites just for comedy value when i came across this:

Man Utd:- We will sign Charlton hotshot Darren Bent this January for 6.5mil + Alan Smith.

i know this is utter bull but if a transfer like this came around, would you be happy?

I for one would.. I think alan is what most people class as a "charlton" player.. has a bit of fire in his belly and can get the crowd going.

so what would you guys think?


  • i think it sounds good in theory, but would never work. Massive wages, a lothigher clubs would want him, and if he did come, he'd be so frustrated with the crap around him, he'd be getting sent off every 34 minutes...
  • Let me consult... er... Prozone says noooo.
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    I'd not wanted to say too much before someone else linked us with Smith (for fear of a Net Addicks style response), but I know one of the club groundsmen (honestly - not a wind-up or a bloke down the pub) and he said Smith was at the training ground having a medical a day or two before the Liverpool match with a view to a LOAN in January.

    This makes sense in several ways:
    1. Smith gets in some match practice and gets fit,.
    2. We get a desperately needed Smith-type midfielder/striker.
    3. Man U get first dibs on Darren Bent in the Summer in return for the loan (obviously the price still has to be right).
    4. We're not committed to Smith's wages beyond the end of the season.

    Is this making sense to anyone else?
  • blimey, very interesting. hope to god its true.
  • So do I Dan, so do I...
  • Heard a similar rumour of A Smith heading to the Valley but on a loan basis until the end of the year. Suppose that would suit Sir Alex as it will help Smithy recover and to attain full match fitness. Unfortunately, we need a bus load of Alan Smith's to get us out of our pediciment.
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