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I'm fed up with Charlton Life because....

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... WSS stole Gumbo's goat


  • your arse is on fire
  • Smudge our Great leader is unhappy
  • Boring Steve Dowman is back posting
  • BFR quoted properly
  • They won't come clean about the FACT they are the takeover consortium using the money they have saved on not going ahead with the CL badges.
  • It seems to have been re named 'Jonjo Life' :-(
  • There's too many happy people
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    There's no-one who understands the concepts of:


    [*] Doing a barrel roll (it's what they least expect!)

    [*] Being ninja'd - that is to say, two people post at the same time and the "ninja" is the person who finishes typing/sends first

    [*] The more obscure internet acronyms

    [*] Internet memes - just to say, "doing a barrel roll" is a meme. As are lolcats which you may have heard of.

    [*] 4chan

    [*] /b/tards, which are people who go on the /b/ board of 4chan

    [*] Any word involving /b/ as the first few letters/symbols, i.e. /b/ken (broken), /b/tard ([email protected]/retard) etc etc

    [*] I have never seen the words WIN, EPIC WIN, FAIL or EPIC FAIL plastered on a board.


    Yeah. Basically.
  • My list messed up and I seem to have messed up the page...
  • No-one else seems to have caught a tram to the ground!
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    We seem to get on depressingly well with each other when we're winning. Just cos we've rediscovered how to scrap on the field is no excuse for the cowardly lack of scrap on CL...
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