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Driving tomorrow

Anyone on here driving tomorrow? ANy good ideas on where to park? Just read on the OS that parking is limited and all that......


  • street parking, or the size of your motor just park on someone elses car
  • only joking mate, park at leytonstone tube station and get tube to leyton or there might be parking around leyton stn
  • yeah I'm considering it, alternatively gonna drive to North Greenwich tube, but not sure how easy it will be to park in the station there.
  • prk at the cinema near sainsburys and walk to north greenwich will be you best bet
  • It used to be reasonably easy to park in the roads around - mind you that was a few years back.
  • and there wasnt 3000 loyal supporters going!!
  • There is plenty of side streets you can park down near the stadium if your ok with a 10 min walk or so.
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