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Would Ya?

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Lady Sov

For me... Yes. Yes I would.


  • hahaha Priceless.

  • she looks chavish and under age
  • Haha. She was born 19 December 1985.

    The day God broke the mould.
  • Oh good Christ no.
  • Thank god he
  • To be fair if she is 24 i wouldnt mind seeing her dressed up and then making a decision. But any girl that wears a tracksuit (for other than sports purpses) needs putting down IMO.
  • maybe in a different get up, but not as per that photo.
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  • corn-rows and a soverign...classy.
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  • No, no, no, no, no - chavvy innit plus she'd probably rob you, then stab you after the deed.
  • Hang on a minute... haven't we done this before? Didn't she end up getting shoehorned in on another thread about estate slappers?
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    innit bruv.

    get some of da bling off and stick da hoe in a dress

    and then, yes, I would certainly consider it!

    what about the bird from N-Dubz though?

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    We met her about 4 years ago when we did the fans of the week thing on soccer am, I was more worried she would "jenk me up" for my watch than trying to have a crack
  • Lady Sov is a bit too Woolwich for me the bird from N-Dubz all day long!!
  • The blondie is worth a go....the other....nah I was right first time
  • they all look the same upside down anyway...

  • look at the state of them three....
  • hmmm maybe not then
  • Leroy - Saying no? What's the world coming too!!!
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  • yeah, with an hammer, then she would be well & truly f*****
  • The bird from N-Dubz looks like a nineties Eltham slapper.

    Not with a barge pole.
  • I read somewhere the bird from N Dubz had swine flu, thats why they cancelled some of their gigs in London
  • Lady Sovereign scored a cracking goal on Soccer AM.
    Just ran up to it (in timberlands I think) and dinked it through the hole. Just floated it in - quality.
  • [cite]Posted By: blackheathaddick[/cite]deffo!lady_sovereign_2_.jpgdeffo!

    Oh yes and Ndubs bird, more likely to be up for more.... I'd take her up the OXO tower lol

    But seriously yes to both BUT not because they dress like chavs!
  • Is there a Lord Soverieign? I wouldn't want to nick another blokes bird..
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]

    Oh yes and Ndubs bird, more likely to be up for more.... I'd take her up the OXO tower lol

    Didn't know you were a bum bandit, Dazzler .......?

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    ha ha ha that's a no Oggster lol
  • I take it that's either a yes or a no .......?
  • this whole thread is just ghastly.
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