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Charlton Life Holiday Wishes!

Greetings all,

As Christmas Day approaches and the festive period is in full swing, it's hard to believe that it's that time of year again. Granted, with almost half a season gone already, there's not much to cheer about! But, in spite of our beloved Club's current misfortunes, with family, food, drink and presents (at least one of those should get you excited!), these are the times we should take comfort in. Well, it's supposed to be the "season to be jolly", so try and make the most of it!!!

On behalf of both AFKA and myself, I'd like to send the best Christmas wishes to all Lifers and their loved ones who have made this community the success we think it is. Truly, we're grateful for the support you've shown and we're thankful for all of the effort you've put in over the first five months of the site's existence.

Originally, we envisioned a grassroots community site that would go someways to producing a group of active supporters, welcoming, open and engaging, but fiercely protective of the interests of their beloved football club. We knew we wouldn't have to "create" such a group (if that is even possible) because these characteristics have been visible amongst Charlton supporters through the ages. Therefore, we set about creating a framework to facilitate communication; a space—a Charlton space—to bring us all together. We thought there was room for something like this, but we had little idea if people would take to it or not.

This all came about during a period of time in the history of CAFC that was at once both exciting and scary! It turns out that this first half of the season has been more difficult and painful then we'd all have hoped. But, everyday people have logged in and shared insights and memories; they've made us all think, hope (the bastards!) and laugh. Sometimes, one or two even make me, a grown man, cry! There's been a fair amount of healthy criticism too. But best of all, there has been little evidence of individual egos (or alter-egos!). The place has a nice atmosphere to it. Personally, I think you've all made a community to be proud of.

In the coming months, we'll do our bit to make sure the framework for this community keeps moving forward in step with you all and the steadily growing numbers. We've got ideas for innovative features, we've just got to find the time to make them work!

All the best to all CAFC supporters, their families and loved ones!

Up the Addicks,


  • Nice one fellas!!!!!

    Happy christmas and New Year!!!!
  • Nice sentiments Lookie, keep up the good work chaps, quality site init!

    Merry xmas doods
  • I don't think I've ever met any of you in all my years of supporting Charlton, but thanks to you all for making this site so chaltonesque and happy Christmas & New Year to you all.
  • Thanks LoOkOut- i'm sure i'l echo the vast majority's thoughts and thank both you and AFKA for setting up the forum. I'd also like to echo the feelings above that, whatever ones reasons for spending time on here, it's a good fun, and even durring tough times, a happy place to be!

    Happy Xmas one and all!

  • a very happy xmas to you all
  • merry christmas to one and all, and a special thanks to lookout & afka for providing me with all the cyber-shoulders to cry on during this most difficult of seasons.
  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Be interesting to see who posts on here on Christmas Day!
  • is that a challenge?
  • Do you want it be miss?
  • i'm at my parents so will have access to a pc. won't guarantee it to be an early morning post tho!
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  • I too am at my mums, so might well get on and do a xmas message!
  • Happy Christmas and a Festive and Safe New Year to you all.
  • and a Happy Christmas to you all from sunny Hove (actually).

    Roll on 2007. There's always hope .............
  • A bIg hello to all my fans in charlton life land? You now who you are.It's been a FANTASTIC life saver.TRULY the best,happy crimbo to all lifers.
    Well done,simply the best.When the red red robin.....
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all lifers. It's nearly two months since some of us met up at The Valley Tour.
  • I'm off to visit the family tomorrow, so would just like to wish all Charlton Lifers a very happy Christmas. I've decided I'm not even going to think about football til Wednesday (OK, maybe Tuesday night, when I get internet access back) for the sake of family harmony.

    All the best guys, and remember - drink lots of water before you go to bed to help minimise the hangovers.
  • First time I've posted on here but it's a good site. My small brain is still struggling to work out how to use it all on here, apparently I can whisper to people but not SHOUT.
    Oh well, at least there is no button to let AFKA sing at me :)

    Have a good Christmas.
  • good to see you on here Jon, hope you are keeping well. We must get a pint in at some stage.
  • Hi mate, congrats on this site, and I saw your article in the local press.
    I've just seen the buy a drink feature on here ha ha!
    Yeah, be good to see you for a pint, I'll be in the Oak on Weds, got to have a few before the game to numb the pain!
  • Great site guys, thanks for launching it.
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