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Pub for Gillingham

edited August 2009 in Match Day Travel
Friend of mine has just taken over a pub in Gillingham, 5 minutes from the station, will try and organise with him for a general Charlton fan takeover on the day (and try to get a reduced beer price and some grub if I can promise numbers) will let you all know via a members only post when sorted.


  • Can he do a deal on my driveway too?
  • "Are you calling my mate a pikey?"

  • What pub is it E
  • Only if his pub is called the Lucky Heather...
  • "Pub for Gillingham"? Sounds like a fair swap.
  • Fair play to him mate. There's some good pubs in gillingham but hopefully not the center of town? I popped in there yesterday for a curry, gees what a shithole. It seemed any adult male there has to wear tracky bottoms or a shell suit. I hope his pub is in the back streets, there's still some nice boozers there.
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