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Anyone seen our new club shop?

No comment to make about this


  • like one of you're tackles, you're five mins too late.

    you round the Camden xmas lunch ?
  • I like the way you tell 'em.
    Better than that Stone geezer for sure :-)
  • I know mate I should have looked first...Never mind. Did you see ITV sport last night? They only showed my interview with Gabriel Clarke, and of course the bit I though that they wouyld not show they did. I quote " At time's like this this you need to battle and we don't have the bollocks" They didn't even bleep it out.

    Come on....
  • did you used to play football at elsa road?
  • if you're talking on sunday afternoon's, yes. hillsy would of been there, as would falconwood1.
  • Indeed, do I know you Mr Peakey
  • then i did see you last night.very professional.

    you buried us at boro
  • Peakey, was Hillsy the goalkeeper at elsa?
  • oi, i was goal keeper at elsa? Well once or twice!
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Roland Out!