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New Album in Gallery: Steve Bridge Photos

There's a new album in the Gallery, containing photos by Charlton supporter and professional photographer Steve Bridge (thanks Steve!). There really are some brilliant pics in there, so even though the album needs a bit of sorting and some more descriptive captions, I couldn't wait to get them up and available for your comments. When I get a bit more time, I'll go through them and sort them etc.

You can also see the pics and some more over at Steve's site: FootyFotos



  • really enjoyed flicking through those.

    some fantastic pictures over the years.

    Reminds me of 'old Charlton'....
  • A great collection...thank you Steve, good to look back at the Valley then and now. It's good to remember how far we've come over the years...
  • Did you guys get to have a look through some of these ?

    Love the one with Killer having a pint in the dressing room.
  • He's wearing Ribero kit, so I guess that dates the pic to around 1992, didn't we start wearing that kit at the first game back?
  • thanks for posting the photos - i didn't even realise a photo had been taken of me and my mate dressed as a nun and priest respectively (he drew the short straw!!) at villa away in our relegation season. we both heard it was fancy dress so thought we'd get into the spirit of things. obviously our prayers were answered that day, love barry davies' commentary on motd for winner "its comes to Danny Mills.....FABULOUS GOAL IN THE 88TH MINUTE"

    aaaaaaah the memories
  • Nothing much happening this friday evening so having a look back at some of the first post on this site.
    Some very old pictures of Charlton and its fans taken by Steve Bridge well worth alook.
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  • Just click on footie photos first post on this page and you are into the site.ENJOY.....
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