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The Dualers

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Mrs McMoist bought tickets to see the Dualers at the Indigo2 for last night. She'd previously seen them busking in Bromley and really wanted to go but I was a bit sceptical because they play Ska, Reggae and Soul and that's not my cup of tea. However, I went, I saw and I have to say they have a fantastic set and I left wanting more. It was like a party with everyone dancing in some shape or form. Saw some Charlton faces from the past down there and they're lucky I didn't have my camera with me.LOL.. They're playing down at the Valley in September and it's well worth the £20 entry fee.

The Dualers


  • Also seen them busking in Bromley. They are great and reggae, soul and ska is just my cup of tea.

    The Albums are OK as well.
  • ive heard about them. Ithink they played the Meridien recently and its certainly a lively night by all accounts. Im away that weekend tho so cant make that one.
  • Oh God Solar Addick will be on here - once you start him off about the Dualars you can't stop him!

    Cue Clive ;-)
  • I was at the show last night - the Dualers certainly know how to entertain, and their new band (they sacked the old band at Easter last year) were really kickin'.

    I've been following/supporting/promoting (via airplay on my radio show) them for about 8 years now, since I first saw them busking in Bromley. Their problem is one of 'marketing'. They have a great sound and a dynamic stage act, plus 2 or 3 very good singles, two of which made the top 30 and the 3rd would have gone top 10 except that the chart people got a bit suspicious when 5,000 sales were done at HMV Croydon - genuine, actually, but must have looked like a 'fix' to them.

    Their first album was good- their second album might be if it ever gets released- it's taken two years so far. I told them they should have rushed it out to sell at the Indigo- reckon they'd have shifted 500 copies instead of the dodgy-looking t-shirts they had on sale!

    They played at The Valley last autumn, and have another gig there in september. Good value for money, though they don't often play with the band, usually just with backing tracks on mini-disk- but still a great show.

    End of supportive plug- except that Simon (one of the brothers) has his own R&B combo now (which appeals more to my own taste), too, with monthly gigs at Bromley CIU, and a concert set for August at the Ashcroft in Croydon.
  • I've always got the impression they were palace fans , anyone know if that's right?
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    [cite]Posted By: buckshee[/cite]I've always got the impression they were palace fans , anyone know if that's right?

    The do come from Croydon area and mention getting a train to Crystal Palace, although that could be the area not the team, in one of their songs.

    Solar, I've got two albums I downloaded, Melting Pot and Vintage Beats 1, and i thought there were two or three more.
  • They were on at lewisham peoples day, fairly impressed with them and rocky locals Rawfox
  • Tyber is a Gooner, but I don't think Simon has any football affiliation. I've never heard Palace being mentioned other than where they come from - born in Croydon, went to school in Bromley.

    Henry, there was also 'Vintage Beats vol.2, which is out-of-print, and now a 'Best of Vintage Beats' compilation including a live track from a Bromley/Churchill concert. The new album will be Cooking Pot, apparently due 'soon'.
  • What about the Xmas Album and Rhymes and Rhythms?
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  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]What about the Xmas Album and Rhymes and Rhythms?[/quote]

    While both were credited to The Dualers, they were both essentially solo work by Si with rhythm track.
    Rhymes & Rhythms is an excellent album including the clever Dial My Number abd the excellent ballad Cry Me A Smile. The Christmas album is arguably the worst collection of artificial 'music' ever committed to CD !!
  • Just seen this thread.

    Saw The Dualers last night supporting Madness at Broadlands Romsey. Everyone we went with thought they were fantastic and there music and energy really came across. I'd never heard of them before but after last night, with the exposure of supporting Madness, it will hopefully get them noticed by a much wider audience.

    Can I also just say Madness were absolutely brilliant.
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    My mate was at the Indigo, he mentioned this to me Saturday, said they were excellent, going to the Valley gig on his recommendation (Friday 18th September) £19.95, includes the famous hot fork buffet :-)
  • Just seen them busking in romford. Knew it was them from way off as soon as I heard them. Very good indeed
  • Wife saw one of them busking on his own in Lewisham last week handing out flyers of solo events. Thought they might have split ?
  • They are playing Romford today, Sutton tomorrow, following another full-house show at the Indigo last week. It's a bit of a shame that they can sell out the Indigo twice in six months, but don't seem to get booked for other 'showcase' concerts.

    Si Cranstoun is also working solo (with a rhythm combo) playing old-time jump-blues, but is still with the Dualers too. They have a new album out - "Cooking Pot", about 15 tracks for £10, selling on the street and form their website

    They are good, but have been doing the busking circuit for 8 or 9 years now without a major breakthrough
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