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I am new to this Forum just got signed up today and as my first topic i would like to ask if there is anyone who knows about the away pre season friendly with Welling this is the first year i have been to this one and i understand we buy our tickets on the gate at welling on the day is this correct? Also how many numbers wise do we normally bring to this fixture i expect the numbers arnt bad as cant imagine they have much home support?

Any info about this fixture is much apprciated.

Chers Ru


  • Welcome Ru,
    Yeah you'll be able to pay on the day at Welling,there's always a fair turnout for this game although since they moved it from a weekend to a weekday match not so many turn up...lets hope it doesnt chuck it down like last year.
  • Bring your boots and you might get a game.
  • I went for the first time last year, paid on the day. Was the same for all friendlies I went to - Ebbsfleet, Dover and Athletic (Bilbao, at The Valley). Should be the same this year for all the friendlies. Although if you want a seat you might have to buy one in advance.

    Only one I had to buy tickets in advance for was Brighton, and I'm pretty sure we sold out for that.

    And what 1965 said, hopefully we'll have better weather this year.
  • Yea its looking good weather wise if it stays as it is now. Thanks for the welcome and all the advice guys is there like a certain pub that we can all meet in before the game that anyone knows of? Its my mates bday that bday so we we are going for Terrace rather that seats i think (he wants to be old skool lol). Ha ha luving Chizz comment thats brilliant i will try and remember my total 90's and see if i get a game think they might let me go in goal for Welling ha?
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