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U.S. open golf - betting

always do a few small e/w bets on the majors.
for this have done;
rory mccilroy 59-1
retief goosen 54-1
hunter mahaan 74-1
VJ singh 74-1
mike wier 139-1

nail your winner/ each way bet to the mast.


  • Well I cant bet here and cant access betting sites either!

    however my picks are as follows (dont know the odds).

    Henrik Stenson
    Brian Davis
    Camillo Villegas
    Nick Watney
    Jerry Kelly
  • if you could bet on betfair

    Henrik Stenson 59-1

    Camillo Villegas 74-1
    Nick Watney 119-1

    couldn't find the other two
  • casey ew
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]casey ew

  • 5 ew i will do
  • edited June 2009
    extrabet and sporting bet are the bookies offering nolly
  • doing it now
  • Backed Rose on the index
  • casey 33-1

    kim 80-1

    donald 125-1

  • Looking at the current scores and conditions (and how bloody difficult the course is) an over par score could win it!
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  • play stopped due to appalling weather
  • Anyone see Tiger's tee shot from the first? Blimey.
    edited June 2009
    Looking like a good finish, pbs is the only one in with a chance with his e/w bet on weir it seems:

    1 Glover US -4 13
    2 Mickelson US -3 14
    2 R Fisher Eng -3 13
    4 Mahan US -2 14
    4 Barnes US -2 13
    6 Weir Can -1 13
    6 Duval US -1 13
  • wier and now mahan have dropped shots.
    apart from singh, all mine gave a good run for my money, but don't think any will get me a return :-(
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