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Hairdresser decides to do his bit in the recession. When the Butcher comes in for a haircur the barber tells him all that week hair cuts are free. Next morning the fbarber inds a parcel on his door step , in it are some sausages and a tank you note.

Next day the owner of the flower shop up the road goes in and she also gets her hair done for nothing. Next morning the barber finds on his door step a huge bunch of flowers and a thank you note.

His next customer is the local bobby, who is told his hair cut is free. next morning the barber finds a box of doughnuts on his door step and a thank you note from the copper.

His local MP is his next customer and again its explained the hair cut is free. Next morning the barber finds 600 MPs on his door step.


  • Yeah and they're probably still claiming for the haircut anyway.
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