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Afka/Lookout : chat room

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will there be one?


  • possibly, it has been discussed.

    but for now we are happy to run without it. it was more important that we build up the community to a suitable size first, and structure the boards how we wanted them to be.

    What i find with chat rooms is that it can create cliqueiness more than normal, plus if people are chatting, they're not posting, which doesn't make it suitable for those that like to just dip into the site once or twice a day. At the moment we have a good mix of people that know each other, and others that don't. I'd like to think that someone who doesn't, like say Len Glover, BFR and Stanmore, don't feel 'outsiders' in any way, because that was exactly what we wanted to get away from.

    what we will consider doing if we do instal one is open it in 'windows' ie: at lunchtime, or for a couple of hours in the evening.

    people should be aware that the ability to whisper allows you to have a private conversation with whoever you want, without the rest of the board seeing.
  • fair comment D.. tbh its not essential.. was just wondering..
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