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I am off this arvo (leave 12.30) on the hunt for a flat for me and Mrs 04 to buy. exerciting!!

Tomorrow i am going to sunny devon, a place called Croyde.

See ya all Tuesday, dont miss me too much!


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    this season i will mostly be talking jibberish.
  • Good luck. Shame you'll miss all the transfer day excitement, but I'm sure you'll have the text alerts popping off every couple of hours as we sign some of the world's greatest young and not-so-young talent.
  • [cite]Posted By: 04_MCS[/cite] a place called Croyde.

    you misheard your missus pal,

    your off for a week in Croydon.

    enjoy !!
  • ive been to Croyde M4. its a lovely spot - very chilled - am sure since you speak the dude speak you like a bit of surfing.

    AFKA you booked your hols yet? cant wait for mine on sunday.
  • Curb-it - I am off to Rhodes on Saturday. Cant wait - even with Monday off, this has been the longest week at work ever.

    where are you off to?
  • Tenereef !

    is anyone going to be around next week ???
  • Lefkas which is one of the Ionian islands. my greek geography is cack so just looked it up in relation and we're no where near you, round the other side... otherwise i was going to say we could catch a ferry and meet up.
  • i'll be around next week. (till thursday anyway - off to liverpool friday) we go on holibobs on the 16th september.
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