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Has it sunk in yet? and whats needed for next season.

Personally, it hasnt for me. being at Derby on Saturday i for a moment thought we should come here again next year.. HAs it for anyone else yet? knowing next year we are going to be in old money Division three.. Playing the likes of Northampton, Hartlepool Carlisle Swindon... Leyton Orient! Teams we would only come up against (and normally lose to) in cup games Wycombe springs to mind. All these teams who will raise there games when they face us. Parky says this time next year we will be doing a leicester.. Really Phil? i hope so but have a look at leicesters team that won the league and look at ours with the exception of Jonjo Elliot etc there team is miles ahead of ours. They have a striker in Matty Fyatt that was once compared as the new michael Owen and has scored nearly more goals then are entire team put together with big Stevie howard along side him shows the benfit of the big man small man combo. There squad is made of 'seasoned' pros : Sir Chris, edworthy Clemence Oakley Hayles and Wayne Brown, they have young talent too Matlock Dyer Fryatt Worley and Hobbs. They have to be the bench mark for our squad next term otherwise we could struggle to find our feet yet again. I really am looking forward to the adventure but it really has to be a one season holiday from the championship, failure to go straight back up and no take overs we could very well be looking at bleak times ahead.
Being more positive tho as derby showed we are still some of the best supporters in the land, yes there may have only been 600 of us up there but bloody hell we out sung them all the way, get rid of the plastic 'i hear this football is a fun day out' mob and get back to bascis on and off the pitch.
We need the summer clear out in truth players of the likes of Ambrose Weaver Toddy are not what we need, if the take over goes through or the board do find some money down the back of the sofa it has to spent more wisely than ever in the clubs history.
We can do it by feck were gona do it somehow some way this time next year we will be getting ready for a massive party and looking forward again and not thinking about doom and gloom. Were Charlton after all we aint no ordinary clubs we always do things the hard way but usaly the right way... E I E I E I E O Up the Football League we go!!!!

Heres how its done:

The Art of War states the follwoing 5 things needed to be sucessful:

He will win who knows when to fight and not to fight : Carlise away on a dec night Fight.. Southampton at home play football play smart.

He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces : How many times over the years have we raised our game against the bigger boys and then follwed it up by being played of the park by a team from the bottom..

He will win whos army is animated by the same spirt throught its ranks : From us in the stands to the manager we all need to be behind each other and up for it, not standing there arms crossed looking cluless..

He will win who prepares himself and takes the enemy unpreapred : from the trainning pitch to 3pm on saturday we have to be ready, take no prisoners on the field if there understrength or weak masacre them..

He will win who has miltary capacity and is not interferd with by the soverign : Who ever is in charge has the final say on players no big time charlie chairman comming in the dressing room..

Adopt these menataliteis and we will be champions live laugh love and be happy....

Come on you reds!!!!!!



  • A takeover that means investment would lift the whole club and not just for monetary reasons. I think that we all recognise that the way things are at the moment just doesn`t feel right and the best way out of the mess is a new start. Will it happen ? I hope so but if I`m honest I think its a lot of very wishful thinking. Failing that scenario I think we will stick with PP and will need a lot of things to go our way in order to get back within two seasons.
  • I think that I was resigned to it a while ago. The utter ineptitude in front of goal was always going to be a problem, and there seemed to be a worrying lack of team spirit.

    I'm not sure whether we'll bounce back. Everyone thought we would bounce back to the Premiership, but look at what happened.

    IMO the two things we need most are stability (i.e. not dumping a manager after 15 games, etc.), and some team spirit. I worry about the trend of lower league clubs (it hurts to say that about CAFC), to bring in mercenary loan signings whose loyalty is solely to the parent club.
  • Can't disagree too much with what Cippolini said. Whether Parkinson is the right person to provide that stability, i really don't know.

    Don't really want to open up the keep him / sack him debate again, but if he is to go then dfo it immediately after the season has finished. If he is to stay, then publicly say so.

    In answer to the originally question, i had resigned myself a while ago it was happening, but seeing as it hasn't really upset me too much leads me to think that it probably hasn't fully sunk in either. Not really sure if it should though to be honest.

    Its still a game of football at the end of the day, isn't it ? Just the title of the opposition is not as illustrious as ones we have played in the past. Never stopped Doncaster Rovers from playing some great attractive football though.
  • I knew it was coming for a while. Won't properly sink in until we see the fixture list, with us at home to the League Two playoff winners on the opening day.

    And yeah a takeover would give the club a lift, much more than just a bit of money coming in.
  • New catering in the North Stand and a manager would help.
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