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Apology's if this has been seen before.
Turn Your sound on.


  • That is totally superb - I can't believe they put the announcement over :-)))))
  • very good.
  • North London?
  • [cite]Posted By: colthe3rd[/cite]North London?

    I noticed that!!
  • These are classics that have been doing the rounds on the internet for years.

  • edited April 2009
    My lovely wife Teresa is known to us all as Tess. Add my surname and you can see why I say to her 'every little helps' :-)
  • Very funny TCE and DA9, brought it back up for anyone that didn't listen.
  • not bad just hate the way dj's need to have numpties around them laughing at everything they so it was funny you dont need 3 other people bigging it up... all i could think of during that was "No Alan you Can't" for any partrdige fans out there..
  • Its nearly in the 'Mike Hunt' class of announcements !
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