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P J Harvey and John Parish gig last night

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A quite brilliant gig, PJ manages to move from being a berserk hag to a fragile beauty in one breath, Dressed in a slinky back number, as equally comfortable being perfectly still or pogoing around the stage. John Parish and band were brilliant suits and trilbys, perfectly understated with raw cutting edges on guitar and drums. This gig knocked all others Ive been too over the last couple of years flying. At times it was more performance art and others pure gritty rock n roll. They manged to bring all the material from the two albums they have done together alive. Despite moving through loads of differant characters and voice styles PJ is incredibly herself on stage and seems suprised that she is so adored and was able to receive the applause like a child receiving a gift. Catch this live act if you can.
only down note all the bleedin punters taking pics with mobile phones, FFS rant rant rant wtf do they spend their time at gigs messing about with their phones instead of moving and enjoying the music ?


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