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Keep it under your hats, I've just heard a rumour I'm safe from redundancy. Sorry Mcs, but I'm chuffed to bits and had to tell someone.


  • That's really good news, TCE - let's hope the takover rumour is as sound ;-)
  • Congrats TCE!
  • Thank you lady's ( may I call you lady's?) at my age there's no chance of retraining, fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  • Nice one, TCE ....... really pleased for you, mate!
  • Great news TCE.
  • nice one
  • get in there.

    drinks all round on TCE at Derby
  • why fingers crossed for tomorow?
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    [cite]Posted By: J BLOCK joe[/cite]why fingers crossed for tomorow?
    Cos it's only a rumour at the moment, and he doesn't want to put the mockers on it?
    Good Luck TCE.
  • dont be sorry for me Ray, i am made up for you and anyone else who is safe. Wouldnt wish it on anyone. Anyway the government/benefits will look after me!!

    Nice one mate.
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  • Cough..........splutter..........steady on Henry!!
    I'm tempted by one of those empty seats on the CL bus.
    but I'll wait until tomorrow make sure its all good news and then I'll run it pass "The Good Lady" and if there are any left?
    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Ps all this is the result of a takeover and we thought it would be all good news.
  • [cite]Posted By: T.C.E[/cite]

    Ps all this is the result of a takeover and we thought it would be all good news.

    You don't work in the club shop do you?
  • This is exactly why i think rumours are great!!!

    I love rumours.............
  • Congrats mate!
  • Good on ye fella!
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    My wife got the all clear yesterday from her workplace too - sadly I am still being made redundant

    I might become a house husband - anyone in Essex want their Ironing done (badly)
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