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Guys / girls,

In the Liberal Club before the game on Saturday, i will be drawing out the winners of the various prizes for our collective sponsorship of JonJo Shelvey and Andy Gray this season. Those who sponsored £10 will be entered once / £20 twice.

Amongst the things to be drawn will be the winners of the signed shirts by the players, and four tickets on offer for the sponsors dinner held at The Valley on Tues 28th April.

I will post the winners on here following the game.

Thank you once again for your involvement in this initiative. There are a few outstanding individuals i still need to get their sponsorship money from, and i'll send you a whisper in the next 24hrs so we can get that all sorted.



  • IM going to it because me and Stubs 1310 sponsored Llyod Sam's home shirt.
  • I couldn't really justify flying down for the dinner, Danny, so if some miracle happens and my name is drawn for one of the tickets, please pop it back in again.

    I wouldn't mind a signed shirt, though ;-)
  • good stuff , hope we do it again next year don't think these two players will be around though ;-(
  • smudge if by any chance i pull out the prize for the dinner please re draw it if i win owt else i would gladly like to keep it, cheers buddy
  • Same for me.

    Not a lot of chance of making the dinner so a redraw. All other prizes gladly accepted.
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    If any of those names come out for the dinner that didn't want it I'll gladly have 'em so no need for a re draw LOL
  • What time is the draw taking place AFKA?
  • probably about 2.15.

    You over at the mo ? Pop in for a pint and a hello mate
  • If I win, you can redraw too, have plans on the 28th April
  • i know i was thinking about it, but can't remember if i contributed.
    ledge can have my grub if i did and i win.
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  • Add me to the "can't make the dinner" list.
  • At work, just keep it for me please AFKA...
  • Congratulations to our winners, drawn independently by Henry Irving Junior out the back of the Liberal in front of an expectant Lifer crowd

    Signed shirt 1 - MEDDERS

    Signed shirt 2 - CARTER

    Signed team photo - UNCLE

    Signed Team photo - OFF IT

    Tickets x2 to sponsors dinner - KBLITTLESIS

    Tickets x2 to sponsors dinner - VALLEY MCMOIST
  • I'd like to thank my family, my agent, my teachers at school for believing in me, AFKA and the team at Charlton Life Towers without whom this would never have been possible, my pet tortoise Hector who is sadly no longer with us, Keef Peacock and the rest of the team back in Feb '79 - you guys know who you are - Lennie Lawrence, Roger Alwen, Palace John - who's laughing now eh? , Lincoln George for his staunch boozing support, Tony Pardew for the beer he's about to get me and finally ......... special mention to my liver - you've stuck with me old friend and the next 8 pints of Pride I will be cuffing are just for you mate.
  • Woooooooo hooooooooooooooooo

    Who out of me and meathead get which shirt?
  • Meathead?!

    What a winner I am. Good to see Carter getting second dibs after me, not the first time eh mate?

    Thanks go to Henners Jnr.
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    err... surely, I must have won something???

    Well done all the winners.
  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]err... surely, I must have won something???

    You still haven't paid !!!! :-)
  • i am extremely disappointed i didn't win,especially as barts told me my name hadn't been entered,henry jnr your card has been marked ;-)
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]You still haven't paid !!!! :-)

    I thought you were spotting me! ;-)

    I'll pay me outstanding debts tonight.
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  • Admin aggro!
  • When do you want the money for next season's shirt sponsorship AFKA?
  • congratulations u bastards
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