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Mirror rumour

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Charlton head coach Les Reed has clashed with two of his players, which has increased speculation that ex-West Ham boss Alan Pardew may be hired in a bid to save the club from relegation. (Daily Mirror)

Anyone whos read the full article add a bit more detail, like who Reed is supposed to have clashed with?


  • Marcus Bent and Jerome Thomas. Evidently both of them felt they should have been in the team ahead of Lloyd Sam.
  • Thanks McM

    given Sam's performance- Maybe Les was right!
  • Sam has played better than Marcus Bent in two games then Marcus Bent has in his whole Charlton "career".

    And i thought Thomas was still injured.

    Slow day at the Mirror
  • Here you go, grabbed it from their website.

    LES REED'S grip on the Charlton dressing room is weakening after it emerged last night that he has already clashed with two of his players.

    The flashpoint has increased speculation sacked West Ham boss Alan Pardew could be brought in to save the south Londoners from relegation.

    Reed dropped wide man Jerome Thomas and only used experienced striker Marcus Bent as a substitute for the win over Blackburn after questioning the attitude of both players for the December 5 clash

    Both players are believed to have insisted that second-from-bottom Charlton are fighting a losing battle in their fight.

    Young striker Lloyd Sam eventually started against Rovers and the Addicks went on to win courtesy of a last-minute free kick from Talal El Karkouri.

    But that has not stopped a widely-held belief developing among the players that Reed is not the man to save them.

    The scepticism began ahead of the club's game at Reading when Reed decided that instead of meeting up at the club's training ground and travelling to Berkshire by coach the players had to drive up by themselves in their own cars.

    The move upset several players who took umbrage at what they saw as a penny-pinching measure. Unsurprisingly the Addicks went on to lose the game.

    Reed has now won just one of five games since he took over. He has not yet signed a contract and the fact Pardew is a free agent could force Charlton to act again after sacking Iain Dowie last month.

    Charlton take on Liverpool on Saturday and Reed said: "Every week is a big week because of the situation we are in. It's a big game and we have to raise our game."
  • i know you have to take these things with a pinch of salt but this is about the fifth report already this season somehow relating to player unhappiness.

    they hold too much power. do you're job properly then you might be able to call the shots.

    just wish all of them that don't want to be here would go in January. Not bothered about the consequences, i'm fed up forking out my money for lads that have no belief or affection for our club.
  • Agreed AFKA. The real reason I am considering not going on Saturday is that I have no affection at all for any of this shower. I would happily get shot of the lot of them in January and start all over again with a bunch of willing youngsters.
  • I would have Sam over m bent all day long!i was very narked with him the way he just went straight for the dressing room when he was subbed against Reading!Showed what a spoilt over rated don't give a damn git he really is that day!
  • "The scepticism began ahead of the club's game at Reading when Reed decided that instead of meeting up at the club's training ground and travelling to Berkshire by coach the players had to drive up by themselves in their own cars."

    Is that true? Surely it's unheard of making players drive to an away game!
  • just read in another paper 'be fair to the Addicks, they never give less than 40%'.....
  • IMO Marcus Bent was one of Curbishleys alwful signings. £2.5 million for a player that had scored 1 in 18 for Everton who they bought a season ago for £450,000. People always wondering why he moves clubs so much.. simple answer is he is spoilt little mug! If he showed a better attitude he would probably start, he isn't an ALWFUL player, just not the right character. I remember him storming off the pitch against Blackburn, and we won!

    Llyod Sam will start against liverpool and too right! Wouldn't mind seeing Donovan Simmonds on the bench instead of Marcus!
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  • i thought marcus has played quite well on a couple of occasions.for 2.5 million you aren't getting drogba.doesn't storming off mean that he is unhappy with decisions and would rather be playing?
  • I despise Marcus Bent with a passion.

    Typical footballer, only in it for the money, no pride, no passion, moves club every year for the signing on fee.

    And a lady I work with met him in a bar up West and told me he is a complete tosser.

    Get rid In January.
  • Hopefully Curbs will have him at West Ham.
  • Would you want a manager who avoided clashes with his players completely? What sort of leadership would that be?
  • That's a fair point and was my initial reaction- good on him for doing it.
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