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Player of the Year Dinner 2009



  • For many players this will be the last supper.
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    oh well.
  • fug me - some people.

    if this wasn't advertised people would be moaning. . the club can't win in some people's eyes.

    just don't fecking go it's ain't bloody rocket science.
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite] the club can't win in some people's eyes.

    oh the irony!!
  • Do loan players go? If i paid £25 and got put on a table with Butterfield i wouldn't be happy!
  • why anyone would want to go this year is beyond me. Wouldn't it be a nice gesture if the players had a whip round and stuck a few hundred quid behind the bar so that all the fans could have a drink. No, thought not.
  • [cite]Posted By: Chris_from_Sidcup[/cite]Do loan players go? If i paid £25 and got put on a table with Butterfield i wouldn't be happy!

    Especially if he left half-way through the meal.
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    [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]oh the irony!!

    £25 to have a dinner with the first team would usually be a fantastic deal, but it isn't this season.
  • Not my thing but good to see it is running again this year.

    Those who want to go can, those that don't don't.

    Hope it goes well and raises plenty of money for the Charity. Any one know what the Charity raises money for?

    Oh, and agree with Still Addickted.
  • Hi all...

    Thought I'd copy exactly the text from an email sent to be by Sue Gallop of CADSA that was sent to me regarding 'Robbys Fund' ( our chosen charity ) :

    " Hi Steve,

    Thanks for you kind offer of the donation to Robby's Fund.

    Robby has Cerebral Palsy and had had the same wheelchair since he was 3 and he is now 7. I had taken Robby into the dressing room to meet the players at the Bristol City match in October and Steve Allen the club physio had asked me about Robby. I was explaining to him the problems that the family had been having with the NHS in getting Robby a new wheelchair as he was outgrowing the one he was in and Steve said how much would it cost to get a new one. I had advised that I thought it was about £4000 but wasn’t sure, with that Steve said that between him and the players/staff would raise the money to buy Robby his new wheelchair. All the players donated items along with players from other clubs, which were auctioned off and we raised about £8,500. I had a chat with Steve Waggott and we agreed that it is something we will continue to do to raise money for other children that may need help with things or pay for them to be mascots at a match, one example was 2 boys who had lost both their parents to Cancer in a short space of time were mascots for the Derby match and this is something we want to continue. Steve Allen has already been talking about doing some more auctions next season.

    Let me know if you need anymore info and thanks again, it means a lot to me personally and all the people that we are trying to help.

    Sue x"

    The fund is held by the Club - hopefully we can add to the pot !!

    Thanks for everyones interest !

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  • Thanks, a very worthwhile cause.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Thanks, a very worthwhile cause.[/quote]

    As was said at the recent meeting -- ' Charity Begins At Home '...

    Hopefully, this serves a happy medium.
  • Steve,
    sorry to bring this up, but do the players pay for their meals or are they paid for by the fans & supporters club ?
  • [cite]Posted By: miserableold-ish git[/cite]Steve,
    sorry to bring this up, but do the players pay for their meals or are they paid for by the fans & supporters club ?

    The players pay.

    As much as it hurts to agree with anything he says, Medders is right, last year was a good crack.
  • Just caught up with Ledge's wonderful comment of 24 hours ago :

    "The club can't win in some people's eyes''.

    Can I swap eyes with you, Ledge? Cos whenever I take the pair I've got in this old head of mine to games this season, the club hardly ever wins. And that''s even on good days when I've put the rose-tints on !
  • Yes !!!

    The players will be paying for not only their meals, but also the face value of the tickets ( ie £25 each )...

    That is how we have managed to reduce the price for juniors - without taking any money out of the charity pot.
  • Well done geezer.
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