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R5 Live 8pm: Championship Meltdown.

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In case anyone hasn't noticed, there's a 1/2 hour prog on Radio 5 tonight called 'Championship Meltdown.' Dare say Charlton will get a mention...


  • Cheers for the heads up. I wonder how long it will take someone to say ''I can't believe how quickly it's happened'' about us.
  • Heard our former manager Boothroyd is on so expect some sort of spin/excuse....despite the fact he and the board basically messed us up.
  • any feedback ?
  • It was very interesting. Basically the view seems to be that prudent financial management is required after relegation from the Prem. But the desire to go back up inevitably overtakes as the prize is massive. The pressures increase as this is what fans want. It would seem that the number one objective should be to get costs under control before anything else is done, basically a consolidation period. Some clubs use parachute money to gamble on buying in players so that they can go straight back up. If this fails, then clubs get into financial trouble very quickly. There was discussion about the effects of the credit crunch and whether or not the talk of meltdown had been overplayed as no clubs had gone into admin (other than Darlington?). There was talk of the huge amounts of money going to prem clubs compared to Champs. How UK football had the most successful Champ in the world plus debate as to whether there was any need for so many clubs. Further bits about how yo yo clubs can't attract top players and then have to become selling clubs. Can't remember anything else that caught my ear.
  • P.S. I wish we had Aidy Boothroyd!
  • For those that missed here is a link to the BBC iPlayer page. Meltdown is there for another week or so.

    Meltdown link
  • Will have a listen on iPlayer on one condition. Can those who heard it please assure us that Pardew isn't in the programme as an ''expert'' talking head? Really couldn't bear that...
  • I listened to it on the TV. Can confirm that TV remains intact.
  • Contains no Pardew, Dowie, etc. But does have some Boothroyd. 'Gissajob, I can do that..?'
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