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Napoleon Dynamite

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Great film or tosh, what say you?

Personally, I loved it, other half just thinks it's weird.



  • It's weird but I think it's hilarious.

    The dance at the end was brilliant and a totally improvised, one off take which you can tell by some of the audience reactions.
  • best film ever made FACT.. the missus does not get it which makes its even better... check out Nacho Libre too same guys made it.


    "Do the Chickens have large Tallons?"
    "I have no Idea what you just said"
  • awesome film.
  • i have a brother like hes.

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  • People seem to either love it or hate it... but i just thought it was alright.
  • DA9DA9
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    [cite]Posted By: BBClaus[/cite]People seem to either love it or hate it... but i just thought it was alright.

    It's a definite marmite film.

    My other half also hates

    Family Guy (Stewie is my hero)
    Mighty Boosh
    American Dad
    Alan Partridge

    But she likes South Park...go figure
  • Love it - Best thing ever to be set in Idaho
  • Marmite indeed. I normally like offbeat humour and a lot of people that I like recommended it, but thought it was one of the worst things I've ever seen. The Lilly Allen of movies.
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  • Think it's brilliant. Uncle Rico is classic.

    'Back 88, I could throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.'
    'You serious?'
    'I'm deadly serious.'
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