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Charlton mugs

one of our stripey friends better efforts !


  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]one of our stripey friends better efforts

    Surely not they don't care
  • First the scarf and now the mug. What else are our neighbours going to throw at us??? I can't take it anymore....
  • Oh dear - they really do care - bless!
  • And there is me thinking we are not their cup of tea....
  • Are you going to get it or shall I...?
  • That's a bit hard to swallow.

    I think we should set Adam on them.
  • Quite funny actually. :0(
  • Might be a saucer of tension between fans.
  • I actually didn't find it that funny and I'm Palace.

    Then again, I don't actually hate you ;-)
  • Course you don't sweetheart
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  • You're right I do, sarcasm is pretty ineffective online.
  • think its time to burn the palace mittens
  • I actually think that's very good!!

    if you cant laugh at yourself.....
  • It's pretty funny.

    I have that mug too, it's sitting on my desk right now.

    In fact I may just go have a cup of tea!
  • I think it's funny actually, best answer, laugh at ourselves, steals all their thunder.
  • LOL. Second time a Stripey has given me a much needed giggle lately. Being invited to the Charlton Relegation party on facebook was the first. Cheeky but funny.
  • Fair play, made me smile.
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]I think we should set Adam on them.

    there not worth my time or effort H...
  • Bloody hell !!
    A weasel with an amusing imagination !
  • Ha ha ha.. it's funny cause it's true.
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  • thats good!
  • Fair play to them.

    Palace got relegated, we laughed.

    We are getting relegated, they are laughing.

    Them's the breaks - don't dish it out if you can't take it!
  • edited March 2009
    Obviously Palace fans need instructions as to what to do with a mug.
  • I see Jiggins has been on here again, he's reproduced the photo in his column today.

    Oi Jiggins, do one you ginger tube.
  • 'bit of a storm in a teamug,' surely.......
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