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Charlton Dan does it again...

According to his Facebook update:

"Dan has soiled himself in the office and had to go home to change his panties..."

Oh dear :-(


  • Medders and Carter the well known thieving act!!
  • [cite]Posted By: CAFCBourne[/cite]Medders and Carter the well known thieving act!!

    Take it on the shin Dyer
  • That smelt like it had been used as a box
  • ha ha

    why is this no shock come on be honest

    Its becoming the norm
  • Medders' soundtrack, the noise of his life and what I think when I see him.

    The Maggot by Goldie Lookin Chain.

    Change all the maggots to Medders and it is him!!

    Hope your ok now Dan by the way
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