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Garrinchia/BBC4 Football Series

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Anyone seen any of these absolutely wonderful films?

In each one there was more insight into what makes the game the best in the world than you'd get in 10 years of crappy BBC coverage. I'm mystified as to why they bunged them all on BBC4 late night. If you've missed them they may be on IPlayer - the one about the ball jugglers going to see Maradonna made me weep.

Anyhoo, the point that I came to make was around the tale of Garrinchia and Pele - one who was generally well marketed and one who was generally considered to be the better player in his own country that just didn't like the publicity and who's ambition didn't extend much beyond winning world cups and drinking in his local with his mates. Made me think about the general unconsidered whine about young players getting payed too much. Tragic that the bloke died in poverty and then had a tickertape funeral. I'd rather a few average players trousered a couple of quid that they don't deserve than see legends like Ray Kennedy having to hawk their awards on ebay to make ends meet.

The problem isn't players getting payed too much it's clubs paying more than they can afford. Let's not have anymore Garrinchias! RIP you bandy legged genius.


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    I caught the one about Zidane the other night. Bit like Sky Playercam thing but with 17 cameras around the ground all on him. He must have been wired for sound too as you could hear him breathing and the sound of the ball being knocked around but little or no commentary. Fabulously put together film.
  • The Maradona film is on BBC Four again, but at 1.10am this Sunday morning! I missed the first half an hour, but enjoyed what I did see of it.

    Unfortunately none of the programmes seem to be available on the iPlayer.
  • What made Garrincha's achievements all the more remarkable was that he was quite badly handicapped...he had one leg longer than the if that wasn't enough and as a consequence he also had one leg shorter than the other.
    I'll get me coat!
  • In fact didnt he have a form of polio
  • [cite]Posted By: Riscardo[/cite]In fact didnt he have a form of polio

    Come to think of it I think you're right.
  • And rather well endowed as well according to the stories.

    What with that and the short leg no one defenders couldn't work out where he was going to go. : - )
  • "The Golden Vision".
    Crowds when they WERE crowds !!
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