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Good Luck to the fans forum boys

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  • bet rothko turns up for this meeting.
  • Should have kept the Supporters' Director. : - )
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Should have kept the Supporters' Director. : - )

    Yeah, that Sue was a good'un.
  • Thanks, Len.

    Just back from the meeting. We were very pleased with the way it went and plan to put out some summary notes early tomorrow afternoon (day job permitting).

    Overall headlines to the three key topics where we asked for statements from the Club:

    1) Financial strategy - the Club is taking a proactive approach to find suitable investors, but our future viability is not dependent on securing such a deal. Obviously our ambitions and overall expectations would be significantly greater if a suitable investor was found, but the Club is able to operate within its means as it stands.

    2) Administration is not an issue. We will explain more fully in our summary notes tomorrow.

    3) Relegation - everyone remains optimistic that we can avoid relegation. We understand the loan strategy better and there were real positives expressed about the Parkinson/Kinsella/Chapple managerial team. Again, we will try to provide the substance behind these views in our summary notes tomorrow.

    Great participation and openness from both Richard Murray and Derek Chappell, and a recognition from the Club that the Fans' Forum is providing an important link to and from the fans.

    Oh yes ... top marks to Rothko for arriving at the meeting at 6.45pm having been in Coventry at 5pm.

    More news tomorrow. I'm going to bed.
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    Dave, thanks for the brief up date. I will await the full and unexburgated version with interest.

    Are you allowed to sleep? I'm sure that never happened with the Fans Director.....:o)
  • Well done Dave, await the notes. Sleep well.
  • [cite]Posted By: guinnessaddick[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Should have kept the Supporters' Director. : - )

    Yeah, that Sue was a good'un.

    Too true.
  • I bumped into some of the forum in the Oak last night and they all felt it had gone well. Looking forward to reading all about this.
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