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Business/Company law.

Wondering if anyone has any advice on this.
A mate of mine left his old job before xmas and was owed around £6500.
The ex-boss is playing silly buggers and won't pay it, so Nick has been to the small claims court, but that only goes up to £4000 ( I think).
Can anyone advise or help on this ; if you whisper me your number I'll get him to phone when it suits you.
Thanks alot. P.

PS. He's a Wycombe & Millwall supprter (don't ask) and he ALWAYS buys his round or 5.


  • Small claims cut off is £5k

    Issuing your own claim is pretty easy and can be done through the HMCS website, all it needs is a card to make the payment, It couldn’t be any more straight forward.

    However, as he is owed £6,500 it means it would be a fast track case, meaning if it actually made it to the stage of a hearing, a solicitor would almost certainly be needed, adding extra costs. However, as the case may be outside of the small claims track, the successful party would be entitled to recover their costs, this is not the case in the small claims court, where in order to recover your costs the other party must have acted 'unreasonably' from most of the small claims costs applications I've made and had denied, unreasonable must mean the other side walked into court and punched the judge in the face.
  • What were the citcs for him leaving his job? Redundancy, fired, quit? What does the 6.5 relate to - commission, salary, bonus? And has the boss given him any reason, written or otherwise for withholding?
  • know some peeps who will go get him his mooney if thats any help ? 20% fee tho.
  • Thakray Williams Solicitors in Bromley specialise in employment law so he could try phoning them for some advice.
  • Thanks guys for the advice;
    He left the job after working out his notice;
    just think the ex-guv'nor is playing silly buggers !
    Thanks again.
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